We offer Flat Metal Signs for Commercial Buildings

While roaming around in New York City, we daily come across many types of different signs installed in different places such as in parks, streets, and so on. But the most common of them is the Metal Signs. Because they are the most versatile and long-lasting signs. They are used to provide directions, as nameplates, warning signs, and much more. Aluminum Metal Signs can withstand any rough weather conditions and maintain their color and sheen for years. 

Whether you want a complex or a simple directional sign metal, Tommy signs can help you with a unique design and finish for aluminum metal signs. We work with custom metal materials to provide you the best version of your sign.

Custom printed metal signs

Custom Aluminum Metal Signs Manufacturers

Our metal signs are made with two pre-painted sheets of .008″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Most of our metal signs are strengthened with a 1” x 1” tubing frame. We have been manufacturing metal signs for over 2 decades now. Whether you need  3 dimensional or CNC cut metal signs, with our state-of-the-art tools and equipment we can provide you that, but most of our metal signs are flat. 

We offer you custom shapes and sizes in metal signs. Our most common and standard sizes for metal signs include 6″ x 18″, 6″ x 24″, 18″ x 24″, 2″ x 1″, 2″ x 2″, 4″ x 2″ and much more. We are not only limited to these dimensions, we can offer metal signs with many other dimensions and in different colors and unique designs.

Our Commercial Metal Tin Signs

Types of Commercial Metal Sign

The metal signs are sturdy and very durable, they can even last for years. We offer matte, glossy, and many other finishes in metal signs. The most common choice of metal signs are:

  • Aluminum Metal Signs – This type of metal sign is the most popular and requested one. The material is very long-lasting and durable. It is easily customizable and affordable.
  • Tin Signs – These signs can be painted to any color and you can get any design in them. They are very durable and versatile. 
  • Stainless steel signs – The best thing about these types of signs is that they are rust-resistant. They can be cut to any shape and letters and you can get them brushed in any finish.

Industries that Use Our Metal Signs

Tommy sign is a full-sign service that offers you fabrications services along with installation services. We have provided metal signs to many industries. Some of these industries are:

  • Construction
  • Warehouses
  • Retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Restaurants and more

Value That Metal Signs Bring To Your Businesses

Metal signs are one of the signs that can successfully convey your message to your customers. If cared for properly, these signs can last for 3 years outdoors and they can last for up to 10 years indoors. Some of the benefits of metal signs include:

  • Durable and Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Long-Lasting
  • Chemical Resistant

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The attractive and affordable metal signs are the perfect way to grab more customers and meet your exterior signage needs. When you need metal signs in NYC, there is no better company than Tommy Signs to create your metal signs. Email us today at info@tommysigns.com.

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