Sign Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Sign customization is more than just cutting of the sign. It requires precision and making signage that not only fits in your space but only brands your business for you. An effective sign is better than hundreds of signs. Getting a sign for your business is an investment that you do once in many years, we keep this thing and mind and design a sign for you that is not only made of the best quality products but also stay for a long time. With the experience of many years, Tommy signs provide you with several signs services to assist you with your sign.

Sign Services That We Provide

Site Survey

Site Survey

Before the installation or even fabrication of outdoor signs for your building, we do a sign site survey. We survey the area where your sign has to be placed and check if there is any necessary rendering for your signs. The survey can identify the size of your property and if your sign will need any permit or not. Once the survey is done the information is forwarded to the design department to keep in mind when designing the sign for you.

Sign Fabrication

At Tommy Signs, we provide you endless options that you can choose from. All you have to do is think of the type of sign you want and we will fabricate it for you. We have different types of materials, colors, sizes, finishes, and lighting options available. With this, we also have equipment and machinery to design your sign for you. All of the signs that we make are unique and can be machine crafted as well as handcrafted.

Sign Installation

There are many signs that can be easily installed. But, some of the signs require professionals to install them and some special tools too. At Tommy Signs, we provide sign installation services to make sure that your sign is placed with precision and safely, in a good condition. We recommend that you get professional installation of the signs like the truck and van wraps, wall decals, window decals, channel letters, and more.

Signs Rental

As there are many signs that are the same for many different events, like the red carpets. At Tommy Signs, we also provide rental services for our signs too so that you don’t have to pay full for getting a brand new sign that you won’t use again probably. So we provide signs like red carpets, backdrops, crowd controls, neon signs, and more on rent for your events like an award show, a trade show, or any other party.

red carpet rental

Signs Repair

Tommy Signs offer maintenance and repair for all those signs that are no longer expected to be functioning. If there is a light sign that needs repair, we can change the lighting for you or replace the bulbs or transistors, fix the wires, or install a new face on your sign. With other signs, we can clean them or paint them to make them look as good as new and fix the imperfections.

Contact Us Now And Get Your Signs Services

If you have a sign that you think can no longer work or you’ll have to buy a new one, you can contact Tommy Sign first and we will make sure to repair the sign for you. Or if you want to get a custom sign fabricated, or want to get a sign installed from the professionals Tommy Signs is the place for you. From the start to the end we provide all the signs services for you so that the sign is not only good for your business but also lives a long life to advertise your brand. So, get services for your signs now! Email us at or fill the form.

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